ISP Cube Guide

OLT GPON GCOM Integration

On ISPCube you can integrate OLT GCom. Using this integration, ISPCube analyze OLT’s data and finally add olt information on a simple and frendly view for ISPCube operators.

As first setp we need to add this OLT as an ISPCube node. (please set type as GCOM)

Once incorporated, ISPCube will retrieve OLT data on hour schedule basis. Now, we can see equipments connected to OLT.

Please go to Stuff / OLT Online to see detailed information. If you are currently adding ONU MAC or SN on ISPCube’s Connections you’ll find that ISPCube has matched OLT info with ISPCube connections.

Finally, go to Sales / Connections and user ONU History button to get detailed information about Power Received, Voltage and many more. This feature is really usefull since you can check easly anyn change in time (like temperature or voltage change.)



Historical ONUs:

On ISPCube we can view all ONUs data and so detect potential failures. As an example filtering by date or ordering by consumption or voltage.